Our Faith


We believe in one Sovereign God, eternally existing in three Persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


We believe Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the God-head, was incarnated, lived a life without sin on earth, died for the sins of mankind on the cross, was buried, resurrected from death, and ascended into heaven, and will come back again in God’s appointed time. He is the only Mediator between God and man, the only Redeemer of mankind, and the Head of both the local as well as the universal Church, which is the body of Christ to which all true believers belong.


We believe the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the God-head, regenerates people to become Christians, indwells and seals every believer unto the day of redemption, enables them to understand the Scriptures, empowers them for godly living, equips them and bestows gifts on them for service to God and man.


We believe the Bible, composed of thirty-nine (39) books in the Old Testament and twenty-seven (27) books in the New Testament, is the Word of God to man, verbally and entirely inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is fully trustworthy and inerrant. It serves as the supreme, absolute authority and standard for the church’s faith and conduct.


We believe man, the direct and immediate creation of God in His own image, has sinned and has fallen short of the glory of God. Man lives under God’s wrath and deserves eternal condemnation. The only way to be saved is by believing in Jesus Christ alone as personal Savior and Master of life. Trusting in Christ’s redemptive work, not in doing good works, results in instant purging from all sins. Works are not the condition for salvation, but rather the manifestation of a genuine faith.


We believe that Jesus Christ will personally come again in the end times to judge the world and to establish the Millennial kingdom and the eternal kingdom. We also believe in the physical resurrection of both the righteous and the evil ones. The saved shall enjoy everlasting blessedness and happiness, while the unsaved shall suffer everlasting, conscious punishment.